VitalTalk (the parent organization of IU Talk) is a nonprofit group of medical educators who are dedicated to changing the way that clinicians talk to patients and families about serious illness. Several local faculty have benefited from faculty development through VitalTalk, and in the process have joined a community of medical educators throughout the world who are united in the mission of improving both the care that patients receive and also the education of clinicians. In short, VitalTalk aims to shift medical education towards a more effective yet compassionate way of guiding learners towards their goals of being better communicators.


We aim to expand the number of VitalTalk trained facilitators in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We want to grow our community of educators and in the process, increase VitalTalk training opportunities for clinicians and trainees in the region. We ask for you to complete this survey so that we can determine the best way to train additional facilitators. You have been selected to receive this survey because we see your potential as a possible VitalTalk facilitators.


Many educators who go through VitalTalk training describe it as a paradigm shift, opening up new skills and knowledge that can be applied to other areas of education. In short, the experience can be transformative for motivated educators.

Requirements for Participation:

  • Completion of a one-day IU Talk or VitalTalk communication skills training program. (If you have not completed this requirement, we can help you with achieving this prior to faculty development.)
  • Availability for two 2-day local retreats. Retreat 1 will be August 26-27, 2019 and Retreat 2 will be February 25-26, 2020.
  • For IUHP Providers and IUSM Faculty: A willingness to commit to teaching at our IUHP New Provider Onboarding Sessions after completion of faculty development (minimum of 5 half-day sessions per year, with buyout of time covered)

Other expectations/opportunities after faculty development:

  • You will work with local VitalTalk Faculty to develop teaching opportunities in your department/service line and at your school (IUSM or IUSN). We'd love to work with you to secure funding for workshops and research opportunities.
  • You will be eligible to teach at one of our local trainee level courses, even if it's not in your specialty. We support the idea that passionate educators can teach these universal concepts to any trainee, even if it's outside your clinical practice specialty!
  • You will be a "VitalTalk Faculty" and eligible to teach at national VitalTalk courses.
  • You will join a community of worldwide VitalTalk faculty, and have access to all of VitalTalk's materials and online support.

Contact Lyle Fettig at for any quesstions. Thank you for your interest!



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