Purpose: The purpose of the grants is to help IUSM medical students defray the cost of attending regional or national scientific meetings to present their scientific research or other scholarly work. A review committee will evaluate the applications and the availabilty of the grant is on a competitive basis.


1. Must be enrolled as IUSM medical student in good standing.

2. Must be the presenting author of the poster or platform session at a national/international meeting. Only one person can be first author and be presenting a talk or poster. Note: We will only accept one application per presentation.

3. Students who have received IUSM travel funding in the past, or a major award from the IMPRS program, are ineligible to apply.

4. Applications for the grant are expected to have a maximum requested amount of $500.

5. It is anticipated that the faculty mentor or department, in which the research or scholarly work was done, to contribute to the support of the student’s travel.


1. Awards can only be applied to 1. Registration Fee; 2. Transportation; and 3. Hotel Accommodations

2. You may only submit a travel grant for one conference and one presentation per academic year.

3. If you have been awarded the grant, you are asked to submit proof of attendance in order to receive the funds in your Bursar account. Upon your return, please submit a 1/2 page synopsis of conference and receipts (registration, airfare, and/or hotel accommodations).


  • Cycle 1: Deadline September 30 (Travel Date August 1 – November 30)
  • Cycle 2: Deadline December 31 (Travel Date December 1 – March 31)
  • Cycle 3: Deadline March 31 (Travel Date April 1 – July 31)

Applications will be reviewed after the cycle submission due date.

To apply, fill out the application form, upload a copy of abstract and copy of official acceptance/notification (if applicable) to present for selection process.

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