Global Health Scholars Day at IU showcases the excellent work being done by the IU community to improve the health of communities and patients worldwide, including through care and service programs, conducting cutting edge research to inform practice and policy and educating learners in a variety of disciplines about health and healthcare systems.

This year, Global Health Scholars Day is May 12, 2023 and will be held at the Regenstrief Social Hub in Indianapolis. We are excited to co-host the event with a global health-focused Department of Medicine Grand Rounds. Grand rounds will be from 12-1pm followed by Scholars Day events from 1-3pm.  Additional details are available on the IU Center for Global Health website. 

We invite submissions from IU students, trainees and faculty in any area of global health related to care/service projects or programs, education, research and case reports. Submissions that describe previously published work are welcome. Submissions should be in abstract form that is not longer than 350 words and structured appropriately for the submission type.

Abstracts are due March 31, 2023 using the submission page below. The corresponding author will be notified if their abstract is accepted by April 14, and will be invited to submit a poster describing their work at Global Health Scholars Day on May 12. (Note: posters may be virtual or in-person depending on venue space. Authors will be notified on acceptance if a digital or physical poster will be presented and poster size for physical posters). 

For general inquiries about Scholars Day or abstract submissions, please contact Jenny Baenziger ( or Victoria Eder (

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