The goal of MedSTAR is to provide a wide array of clinical and translational research opportunities available to medical students to strengthen and increase the cohort of physician-scientist. The one year research will allow IUSM student who wants to be immersed in research support for one year of full-time mentored training. The program will accept up to 4 medical students from IUSM who are enrolled and in good standing who have a proven interest in and commitment to biomedical research as evidenced by previous laboratory experience such as the IMPRS Program.
In order to be eligible for the MedSTAR program, you must do the following:
1. Fill out the RedCap Application
2. Submit your current CV/resume
3. Submit the research plan
4. Submit the following letters: Letter of Good Standing from the IUSM Administration; Letter of Reference; Letter of Affirmation from mentor

Application and requested documents are due by DECEMBER 31.

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