Indiana CTSI PDT Proposal Template and Instructions



The Project Development Team (PDT) mechanism is for faculty within the CTSI consortium, including Indiana University, Purdue University, and University of Notre Dame.


The overall mission of the PDTs is to "Increase the translation of health sciences research and health care delivery to the people of Indiana and beyond by facilitating an environment that enables the conduct of clinical and translational science research.”


1. All awards will be expected to go through a brief assessment of milestones and progress on a 6 month interval [reminder will come from the PDT Administrative Office]; and follow-up will continue every 6 months until the external funding milestone is met.

2. In order to assess the effectiveness of the PDT mechanism, grant awardee recipients must notify the PDT staff when the PDT support results in submission (as well as the subsequent award) of a proposal for external funding.

3. Money awarded should be used for the research as proposed in the write-up submitted. Please let us know if your science begins to take a different direction.

4. In keeping with standard practices when grant recipients’ work is funded by the PDT, awardees are reminded to acknowledge receipt of the CTSI support in any presentation or publication by acknowledging grant UL1TR002529.

If you have any questions regarding this form please contact Lane Coffee at 317.278.2150 or

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