The REDCap Mobile app for iOS and Android can be used for data entry when one does not have access to reliable Internet connectivity.

The REDCap Mobile app uses one or more IU REDCap API tokens, 32-character hex strings, to authenticate to IU REDCap on behalf of a user. Each API token is specific to one person's privileges in a single IU REDCap project. If an API token is lost or stolen, then IU REDCap becomes vulnerable.

The purpose of the REDCap Mobile App -- API Token Request process is to reduce the risk of an IU REDCap API token becoming lost or stolen, as well as to reduce the risk of data on a mobile device being lost or stolen.

Please provide the information below and attest to the safety measures you are required to take to protect IU REDCap, your device, and your data.

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